Leaf Spring AFO Brace For Drop Foot Treatment

The Leaf Spring is a custom-made ankle support brace designed to provide dorsiflexion toe clearance and support during ambulation. The lightweight design fits inside most shoes and is available in two sizes. Important measurements are provided in the sizing chart. The Leaf Spring can be adjusted to fit a wide range of feet and ankles. The sizing chart also indicates a suitable fit for drop foot patients.

This breathable, low-profile ankle The best drop foot braces   support brace is lightweight and energy-efficient. It offers optimal comfort and functionality for patients suffering from foot drops. It maintains ankle action and feeling, and provides a natural feel to the foot. The AFO brace’s patented Jacob Joint technology absorbs shock at the heel strike and natural toe breaks. It also helps improve gait by keeping the foot elevated during walking.

The Leaf Spring AFO is made of molded polypropylene and is lightweight. It provides dorsiflexion assistance and avoids irritation on the heel. Its flexible design makes it fit well in most shoes and is heat-moldable. The Leaf Spring AFO is also compatible with the majority of shoes. AFOs are an essential part of treatment for patients with foot drop. It’s important to find a device that will provide a perfect fit, as they’re essential for a successful outcome.

The Leaf Spring AFO is a durable and lightweight ankle support that offers both static and dynamic support for people with reduced ability to lift their foot. Designed for patients with reduced foot lifting ability or paralysis of the anterior leg muscle group, this brace is easy to use and light enough to fit comfortably in many styles of shoes. The AFO provides excellent support for the foot, ankle, and lower leg, allowing them to resume normal walking patterns.

The Leaf Spring AFO Brace can be used with a wide range of footwear, including shoes with lace closures or sandals. This lightweight aluminum brace is designed to fit comfortably into a variety of styles. The patented Bendable Aluminum Strap can angle the foot between 85 and 90 degrees. It’s also adjustable. This AFO brace for drop foot treatment is a great choice for many patients.