Custom AFO Brace For Foot Drop

Using a custom AFO can help alleviate the symptoms of foot drop and provide a greater level of support for your foot. These devices can be customized to fit your foot size and reduce ankle movement. Although the initial wearing experience may be uncomfortable, physical therapists and orthotists can offer tips and tricks on how to wear the device comfortably. Your orthotist can also help you decide on a wear schedule that will gradually break in the brace.

A drop foot braces can be helpful for people who suffer from weak muscles that cause the front of the foot to drag when walking. Foot drop can be caused by a stroke, neuromuscular disease, or other medical condition. In such cases, a custom AFO brace will allow you to walk normally, with greater freedom of movement, and less pressure on the foot. If you suffer from foot drop, you can consider a custom AFO brace from a Maine lab. These braces help pull the foot up when walking, making them an easy addition to your everyday wardrobe.

The AliMed AFO is a trusted leader in AFOs. They offer an extensive range of materials and sizes. The rigid AFO can support up to 350 pounds of weight and is made of lightweight carbon fiber or prefabricated polypropylene. These braces can be worn with or without shoes. In most cases, Medicare will only cover one brace for each leg every five years. A custom AFO is not an expensive option. It is often recommended by a physical therapist for the patient.

Another common option is the use of nerve stimulators. These devices provide electrical stimulation to the nerves that cause foot drop. The electrical stimulation will improve your walking speed and help your feet stabilize. Electrotherapy and surgery are other options for treating foot drop. Electrotherapy may be necessary if your foot drops severely. If you don’t want to wear an AFO, you can use electrotherapy. This form of electrotherapy will stimulate the nerves in your feet to help them recover faster.

The Arizona Mezzo is a low-profile orthotic designed to give longitudinal arch support. It has a soft leather lining for added comfort. This device can be worn with any shoe and is comfortable for patients. The Arizona Breeze is another option that provides the same support but is machine-washable. It can be used by diabetics. It also has the advantage of being hypoallergenic and machine washable.

A custom AFO is a special medical device that surrounds the foot. It controls the movement of the ankle and keeps the foot in its proper position. It can help patients walk properly and comfortably while healing from their foot drop condition. It can also help people with foot drop problems like plantar fasciitis. Afo braces are a necessary treatment to alleviate pain and improve quality of life. A custom-made AFO is the best option for your specific condition.